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Parks & Recreation: Programs

Adult Programs

Detailed program information, including meeting dates/times, registration dates and applicable fees, is available for programs currently enrolling participants through our online registration site. Information will also be publicized through the Randolph Quarterly, the 6-week calendars provided at the schools, and the Randolph Reporter. For further information, please call the recreation department at 973.989.7081.

Tennis Lessons

The recreation department conducts adult tennis lessons which focus on serving, forehand, backhand, volleying and match play. Lessons are held Wednesday evenings during the fall and spring. All lessons are held at the tennis courts at Brundage Park. Participants must have sneakers and a racquet.

Who: Ages 18 and older
Registration: Fall-September/Spring-April


Yoga is a blend of stretching, exercise and relaxation techniques to strengthen, stretch and tone the body. In addition, it helps individuals absorb the effects of stress to balance, rejuvenate and calm the mind.

Who: Ages 18 and older
Registration: Fall-September/Winter-December/Spring-March

Adult Basketball—Fall/Winter League

The adult basketball league meets at Center Grove School on Monday and Wednesday nights and at Randolph Middle School on Sunday mornings, October through April.

Who: Ages 19 and older
Registration: Ongoing

Adult Basketball—Summer League

Open gym is held at Fernbrook School on Tuesday and Thursday nights from April through September and outdoors at Brundage Park from May through September.

Who: Ages 19 and older
Registration: Ongoing

Adult Co-ed Volleyball

The season is October through February at Shongum School. They play Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Who: Ages 18 and older
Registration: October

Adult Men’s Softball

The department runs two men’s softball leagues, a master league and a grandmaster league. Both these leagues run throughout the summer.

Who: Men, 30 years and older, broken down as follows:
Master League: Ages 35 and older
(three players on each team may be between the ages of 30 and 34)
Grandmaster League: Ages 48 and older
(three players on each team may be between the ages of 46 and 47)
Registration: March


Various art classes for adults are offered throughout the year. Please see the Artworks Studio page for more information.