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Chief David N. Stokoe
Chief David N. Stokoe

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the seventh chief of the Randolph Township Police Department. As a lifelong Randolph resident, I have witnessed firsthand how Randolph has grown and developed into the mature community which it is today.

Randolph has always enjoyed a reputation of being a great place to live. The town is known for its excellence in the services it provides to its residents. In addition, both the local government and the school system are continuously rated among the best in New Jersey. Randolph also offers residents a wide array of parks and recreational activities. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for Randolph which has always been known as a great place to live, work and raise a family.

The police department, being the most visible form of local government, works hard every day to deliver the finest police services to our residents. We continue to seek the newest and most innovative ways to provide those services as we adapt and evolve to the ever-changing law enforcement environment.

During my twenty-five plus years with the department, I have been fortunate to have held several different positions within the patrol division and the investigative division while rising through the ranks. This exposure has provided me with a very broad knowledge and an invaluable understanding of the core functions and operations of the department.

The department has invested a tremendous amount of time and effort on initiatives to progressively move the department forward. The initiatives cover a broad spectrum which span from obtaining new equipment to further training and developing our workforce for the modern day demands of police work.

In addition, the department has placed an increased emphasis on keeping up with the advances of modern technology, which improves overall efficiency when combined with well-trained, well-equipped officers. This year, the department will continue to build upon the existing platform while also focusing on renewing our accreditation certification and collaborating with local and county stakeholders. Our most valuable resource is our children and we look to continue to foster a positive and professional working relationship with the school system and the community as a whole.

The dedicated men and women who make up the Randolph Township Police Department are committed to earning both your trust and your respect.

The mission is clear:

“To protect life and property, maintain public order and to foster an atmosphere of community commitment between the police and the residents.”

The effort is continuous and evolving. The outcome will be beneficial and rewarding to everyone.

Chief David N. Stokoe
Randolph Township Police Department