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Services: Permits & Licenses

Construction Permits
The Randolph Township Office of Construction Codes is responsible for issuing all building permits in accordance with the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code.
Dog/Cat Licenses
Pursuant to township ordinance, all dogs and cats seven months or older must be licensed and have a current tag affixed to a collar or harness.
Donation Clothing Bin Permit
Organizations seeking to locate a donation clothing bin within the Township of Randolph must first apply for and obtain a valid permit.
Food Licenses
Any establishment, fixed or mobile, where food intended for human consumption is prepared, stored, sold or given to the public must be licensed and inspected by the Randolph Health Department.
Public Pool Permit
Completed by public bathing owners/operators. Each pool owned and operated at an establishment must be licensed at $400.00.
Raffles Licenses
Applying for a raffles license involves three steps. Read all about ‘em here.
Septic Systems/Wells
In order to ensure the integrity and safe operation of all septic systems and wells within the township, permits are required for all work, however minor, done in connection with these systems.
Street Obstruction Permit
Dumpsters may not be stored on a public roadway without a permit from the township.