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Services: Recycling & Garbage

Trash Collection Information

Regular Weekly Trash Pickup

The Township of Randolph provides residential curbside garbage collection once per week to all township streets with the exception of garden apartment complexes. Collection routes and schedules vary depending upon your neighborhood.

Garbage should be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day, and no earlier than 9:00 p.m. the evening prior to the collection day. Please do not put out trash before the day of the collection; it is unsightly and a potential health hazard. Additionally, empty garbage cans must be removed from the curb no later than sundown on collection day.

  • Trash should be left in covered 32-gallon containers or heavy-duty plastic bags and not exceed 30 pounds each.
  • Loose household items must be placed curbside in bags or cans (not recyclable cardboard boxes).
  • You may put out one large household item on each garbage collection day i.e., couch, chair, mattress, box spring, paint cans (completely dried out and empty), or rolled and tied rug/carpet (approximately 110 sq. ft., no more than 4 feet long).

If you have any trash collection questions or concerns, please call the Randolph Township Department of Health at 973.989.7050.

Items Not Collected

Auto parts
Car batteries, mufflers, engines, tires etc. Batteries and tires are accepted at the recycling center.
All recyclables
You may take these items (listed on the recycling information page) to our recycling center or leave them out on designated days for curbside pickup of recyclables.
All building materials
Building/construction materials are not collected and cannot be dropped off at any location in Randolph. Building materials include: sheet rock, lumber, cabinets, bricks, railroad ties, roofing materials, etc. Private arrangements must be made with your contractor or a private sanitation company for collection of any type of building material. Another option is to take them to the Mt. Olive Transfer Station, where you will be charged a disposal fee.
Large Glass Items
Items such as glass table tops, glass mirrors and/or any other large glass item which is a risk to shatter and cause injury.
Large/oversized items
Items weighing over 200 pounds or longer than 5 feet will not be collected.
Electronic waste
E-waste cannot be placed curbside with other household trash. E-waste refers to home electronics such as televisions, computers, monitors, laptops, computer peripherals, fax machines, desktop printers, VCRs and radios. These items must be disposed of at the recycling center which has a special drop-off receptacle designated for e-waste.
Household hazardous waste
Certain types of household waste such as oil-based paints, stains and paint thinners, used oil, pool chemicals, herbicides/pesticides, propane tanks, gasoline, kerosene and asbestos under 100 pounds are considered potentially hazardous and these items cannot be placed curbside with other household trash. Hazardous materials pose a risk to refuse workers and are harmful to the environment.

Hazardous substances may be brought to the Mt. Olive Transfer Station on Gold Mine Road. In addition, the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority (MCMUA) holds three events during the year for the disposal of household hazardous waste.

If you have questions about household hazardous waste disposal, call the MCMUA at 973.829.8006. Note: there is a small fee to drop off some materials and payment is required by check, not cash or credit card. Check the MCMUA web site for details.
Grass, branches, leaves
These items are treated as recyclables.
Household appliances
Curbside collection of refrigerators, stoves and other major appliances (white goods) is available year-round by advance arrangement. To have one or more of these items removed, all you need to do is call the health department at 973.989.7050. There is a fee of $30.00 per item.