Civil Unions


On December 21, 2006, New Jersey's governor signed the state's civil unions bill into law, giving same-sex couples all the legal benefits, protections, rights, and responsibilities available under state law to married couples. This legislation, which amends New Jersey's marriage statute, took effect on February 19, 2007.

The civil union law is not affected by the New Jersey Supreme Court's ruling in October 2013 allowing same-sex marriage. It remains in full force and effect. View more information from the state regarding civil unions and same-sex marriage.

Please call ahead for guidelines. The registrar may be reached by calling 973-989-7050.


You would apply for a civil union license in Randolph if:

  • either party resides in Randolph or
    (the license will be valid in any New Jersey municipality)
  • neither party is a resident of New Jersey but the proposed civil union will be performed in Randolph
    (the license will only be valid in Randolph)

For your convenience, we have made the Application for a Civil Union License (PDF) available online. To view it, you will need the freely available Adobe Reader software installed on your computer.

You are not required to download and complete the application form in advance of your visit to the registrar but doing so will make the process that much easier. If you do complete the form in advance, please do not sign the application as it must be signed under oath in the presence of the issuing authority.