Speeding Complaints

Speed Radar TrailerThe Randolph Township Police Department actively responds to complaints of ongoing speeding problems and other traffic infractions occurring within the township.

If you believe there is a speeding or other recurring traffic problem on your street or in your neighborhood, you may submit a request for directed enforcement.

If the nature of your complaint pertains to speeding, the Support Services Unit may setup its speed trailer in the problem area. This radar-equipped unit gives each passing vehicle a visual readout of its speed and reminds residents of what the actual posted speed limit is. Oftentimes, people simply don't realize how fast they are going and deployment of the trailer serves to heighten awareness. Use of the trailer also enables the Support Services Unit to conduct unobtrusive traffic studies to determine if any changes such as additional traffic signals, signs or traffic calming measures are needed.

How to Submit a Request

For your convenience, we have made the Traffic Enforcement Request form (PDF) available online. This is a fillable form which may be filled out on your computer, saved to your hard drive and/or printed out.

Speeding Complaints

To submit speeding complaints, call 973-989-7021.