Community Center and VFW Building

  1. The Community Center and VFW Building may be used without charge by all official Township committees, boards or agencies.
  2. (Keypoint A) Community groups may use the building without charge for one regular or business meeting during any month based on availability.
  3. All community groups using the building for more than one regular or business meeting during a month will be charged $20 per hour for extra dates.
  4. Special event charges will be made to any community group using the building for social events, fund raisers, or other special activities at an hourly rate of $50.
  5. (Keypoint B) Private individuals or groups using the Center shall pay an hourly rate of $100. All rental fees shall be paid in full prior to the event, to be determined at time of booking. Any unanticipated additional charge, such as overtime use of building, shall be paid upon receipt of a bill.
  6. Use of the refrigerator/freezer is included in the regular, if available. If you are selling food at your function, you must apply for a permit fee from the Randolph Township Health Department.

Keypoint A: Community groups shall be identified as non-profit, charitable or religious groups organized in Randolph and/or whose membership comprises at least 75% Randolph residents. Such groups are local churches, service groups, civic associations, etc. A Certificate of Insurance will be required, naming Randolph Township as the certificate holder and additional insured.

Keypoint B: Private individuals or groups shall be defined as any person or organization that is not organized within the Township or does not consist of persons providing community services or general community involvement. Examples would be persons requesting use of the building for wedding receptions, or use by county or regional organizations.

Please note: There must be an authorized supervisor of the building present at all times.