Video Surveillance Camera Program

The Randolph Township Police Department is committed to employing every resource to prevent and solve crimes, and to protect citizens and their property. Many residents and businesses are now using surveillance cameras. These cameras may capture persons and events without the owner's knowledge. This captured information may help the police department solve crimes and help keep the town safe.

The Randolph Township Police Department is asking residents and businesses to register their privately-owned surveillance camera systems. As our officers respond to reports of criminal activity in our community, they may be able to use the information or footage captured on these security cameras to assist in the apprehension and prosecution of the criminals involved.

By registering your camera system with the Randolph Township Police Department, officers and detectives will be able to identify cameras that may have captured criminal activity. You will only be contacted by the Randolph Township Police Department if there is an incident within the vicinity of your camera system. Officers or detectives may request to view the footage in order to assist in their investigation. Thanks for your willingness to help.

How to Enroll

To sign up for the Video Surveillance Camera Program, please complete the Video Surveillance Camera Registration Form (PDF). This is a fillable form which may be filled out on your computer, saved to your hard drive and/or printed out. Once completed, please email your form, fax to 973-659-9939, or drop off at the Police Department:
502 Millbrook Avenue
Randolph, NJ 07869


Contact the Support Services Unit at 973-989-7021 for further information.