The Randolph Township Police Department prides itself on delivering professional police services to township residents and the public at large. The Department views community involvement as a top priority and its members consistently demonstrate this commitment.

Headed by Chief Will Harzula, the Department is currently staffed by 36 full-time sworn officers and 6 civilian employees.

Departmental functions for the organization are divided among three main areas of service - Administrative, Patrol and Investigative.

This division, overseen by Lieutenant Jeffrey Gomez, directs the department's specialty and administrative functions, such as agency accreditation, matters relating to traffic safety functions including traffic surveys, all matters relating to community service functions, and the records bureau.

In terms of traffic safety, officers are specially trained in the areas of traffic calming and accident investigation. The unit is equipped with sophisticated equipment which allows staff to investigate serious motor vehicle collisions and monitor roadways where complaints have been made about speeding and unsafe conditions. For the latter, information derived from these activities is then used in making recommendations to the New Jersey Department of Transportation and the township council regarding traffic regulation changes.

The records bureau handles all recording and administrative functions of the department. Records personnel assist the public in obtaining police reports, firearms registration, alarm registration and temporary handicapped parking placards. The records bureau also keeps track of all police officer training.