Recruitment Program


The goal of the Randolph Township Police Department recruitment plan is to attract qualified individuals to pursue a career with the Randolph Township Police Department with a special emphasis on recruiting underrepresented minorities and females.


The Randolph Township Police Department is subject to the provisions of New Jersey Statutes Annotated 40A:14-118, et seq. and municipal ordinance in all facets of the recruitment and selection process. The Randolph Township Police Department recruits from a candidate pool open to all residents of New Jersey with preference given to Randolph Township residents.

The Randolph Township Police Department is an equal opportunity employer in all facets of the personnel process.

Current Demographics

DemographicService Population NumberService Population PercentageCurrent Sworn Officers NumberCurrent Sworn Officers PercentageCurrent Sworn Officers Female NumberCurrent Sworn Officers Female Percentage
African American7773.05%12.85%00
Hispanic (See Note 1)9,02635.40%25.71%00
Other (See Note 2)4,78718.78%00%00

Note 1: Not included in total (ethnicity and not race).
Note 2: Other consists of Asian, Pacific Islander, and multiracial persons.

Based on the above demographic data, this agency seeks to attract the following race, ethnicity, and/or gender categories to its ranks:

  • African American
  • Hispanics
  • Asian, Pacific Islander, multiracial
  • Female

Objectives & Activities

Identify, establish, and maintain contact with state, county, and municipal-based identified minority organizations and social support groups including, but not limited to educational, religious, ethic, racial, and gender-based organizations with special attention to previously identified underrepresented minorities.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Send recruitment brochures to these organizations to stimulate interest in a career with this department.
  • Attend career days at local schools, local colleges, and minority organizations regarding law enforcement careers with this department.
  • Make maximum use of the Randolph Township website to attract qualified candidates to the department.

Review & Evaluation

The Chief of Police or designee shall cause a review and evaluation of this recruitment plan at least once every year. The following data shall minimally be reviewed:

  • Number of applicants vs. the number of targeted minority applicants.
  • Number of applicants hired vs. the number of targeted minority applicants hired.
  • Number of career days attended.
  • Reviewing how applicants learned of job opportunities and then evaluating the effectiveness of how job opportunities are announced (i.e., Facebook, website, etc.).
  • Progress towards goal.

This plan is subject to modification as needed.