Administrative Fees

Tax map fee (large)$7 per sheet
Tax map fee (small)$3 per sheet
Tax map fee (full set)$175
Tax Bill Duplicate
First copy
Additional copies
Tax Bill Duplicate Fees:
Street map fee$7
Zoning ordinance fee$100
Master plan fee$100
Election district map fee
Color election district map fee
Municipal code book fee$160
Copying fees: (Ordinance Number 01-11, adopted February 3, 2011)
Letter size page or smaller
Legal size page or larger
D Size (24" by 36")
E Size (36" by 42")
Copying fees:
$0.05 per image
$0.07 per image
Large zoning map fee (black and white)$15
Large zoning map fee (color)$30
Small zoning map fee (black and white)$3
Small zoning map fee (color)$6
Newcomer's packet for Realtors and developers$15
Application for conversion of multiple dwellings to a condominium or cooperative ownership$100 per unit
Compact disc (CD) duplication plus any township cost for downloading requested information$2 per CD
Digital picture copy$12
Recycling, per container$20
Recycling containers (with hinged lids and wheels)$40
Recycling container lids, per lid$5
Tax redemption$50
Lien holder tax redemption$50
Tax Bill Duplicate Copy (first copy)$5
Tax Bill Duplicate Subsequent Copies (in that calendar year)$25
Duplicate Tax Sale Certificate (when lien holder lost original)$100
Tax Sale Notice - Mailing Fee$25
Returned Check Fee for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)$20
Tax Searches (done by Tax Collector) First Search$10
Updated Tax Searches (done by Tax Collector)$2