Construction Codes

The Randolph Township Office of Construction Codes, commonly referred to as the building department, administers and enforces the provisions of New Jersey's Uniform Construction Code, the state's approved building, plumbing, electrical and fire subcodes, and any local ordinances which govern construction activities.

Supervised by a state-licensed construction official who reports to the township's health officer, this office:

  • Conducts building and renovation plan reviews;
  • Has the right to inspect any lot or building at reasonable times for the purpose of investigating possible violations of the land use chapter;
  • Directs the issuance of permits for all construction activity within the township;
  • Conducts inspections and issues Certificates of Occupancy and Certificates of Approval

Subcode officials also periodically inspect structures and land in the township, investigate potential violations, and issue violation notices in cases of non-compliance.